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Survivor: Arabia

Tribe(s) Lahij
Placement ??/24

S37 Marty
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Survivor: Colombia

Tribe(s) Barranquilla
Placement ??/24

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Survivor: Japan

Tribe(s) Meiyo
► Pawā
Placement 10/18
Challenge(s) Won 6
Vote(s) Against 9
Day(s) Lasted 25

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SurferDude1219, also known as "Jimmy" or "Marty", is a contestant from Survivor: Japan and Survivor: Colombia.


Name(Age): Jimmy (14)
Tribe Designation: Meiyo
Current Residence: Japn, duh... *shot* Seriously though, Massachusetts.
Personal Claim Of Fame: I'm really smart.
Hobbies: Learning other languages, gonna start learning how to build an app, reading, surfing... Wow, I'm a loser.
Pet Peeves: I'm OCD, so the list of my pet peeves go on and on, but I will list a few: I like numbers divisible by four, if I step on a crack with my left foot then I have to step on it with my right foot in the same spot, I hate circles that aren't closed, etc.
3 Words To Describe You: Smart, nice, and hard-working.
If you could have 3 things on an island what would they be and why?: Food because I don't like island food, a computer so I wouldn't get bored, and fire because... Duh.
Survivor Contestant you are Most Like: Steven Fischback
Reason for being on Survivor: I love shows like this and I want to see if I could survive in the wild.
Why do you think will be Sole Survivor: Cuz I got the smarts and the strategy!

Survivor: JapanEdit

Voting HistoryEdit

Jimmy's Voting History
Episode Jimmy's
Voted Against
1 Panda -
2 No Tribal Council
3 Meiyo Tribe Immune
4 Meiyo Tribe Immune
5 Jake -
6 Pawā Tribe Immune
7 Mabel Individual Immunity
8 Mabel Mabel, Molly, Tristan
9 Tristan Amber, Emerald, John,
Jordan, Molly, Tristan
Voted Off, Day 25
Voted for
Sole Survivor

Survivor: ColumbiaEdit

Voting HistoryEdit

Jimmy's Voting History
Episode Jimmy's
Voted Against
1 - -